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95 Reese's

When I was a kid I welcomed any opportunity to dress up in a costume and pretend to be something or someone else. However, my family didn't participate in Halloween, so this cultural ritual that rolled around every October 31 was one I always peered at from a distance with not a little curiosity. While the rest of the world draped itself in cobwebs and enjoyed ghoulish Halloween revelry, we either:

passed out candy bars wrapped in religious tracts; turned off all the lights and pretended we weren't home for trick-or-treaters; or, most frequently, actually weren't home because we were at the church Reformation Day party. This was our little church's effort to reclaim the evening from under-worldly gore and instead provide us with more edifying activities commemorating Martin Luther's face-off with the Roman Catholic church.
The Reformation Day party costume guidelines authorized dressing up as either someone from the Bible or someone from church history. But when I w…

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