31 December, 2012

Now My Heart Is Full

(Just indulge me for a moment and allow a cheesy Morrissey title)

I sat in my dark living room this morning, sipping my coffee and watching the changing colors on the horizon hint at the sun's approach.  I realized that I've seen the sun rise and set in quite a few different places this year.  I let my mind wander back over the months and across the globe for a little while... How many wonderful places I have been, things I have seen, people I have met or missed... So many good things have been given to me, entirely undeserved.  Without a doubt, the most frequent thought I've had this year was, "I can't believe I got to do that!"

27 December, 2012

Stamps in My Passport : United Kingdom

I am a hopeless Anglophile.  I love the United Kingdom and exploring every corner of it is still the siren song of my life.  So far I've had opportunities to get acquainted with a few of Britain's loveliest cities: London, Oxford, Bath, Edinburgh, and Glasgow (actually, Glasgow has some 'splainin' to to do before it makes it onto this list -- but that's a story for another post).

Partly because a number of people have asked me for "favorites," "best-ofs," or "don't miss-es" -- and partly because I simply clutch at any opportunity to talk about the U.K. -- here are some general things to know before you go.  In a follow-up post I'll start sharing favorites...they are many...

24 December, 2012

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

There is only one way to eat hot cereal, and that is dutifully.  The mechanical, rhythmic delivery of each spoonful to my mouth is accompanied by a military march ringing through my head and motivational thoughts such as, "Sure, it looks like something unmentionable, but it's cheap and it's got so much fiber!"  Then I wonder if I should be alarmed that I'm 25 years old, eating hot cereal, and concerned about fiber.