21 May, 2008

So, any bets on how far a B.A. in Art History will take me? ;o)
This is me with my fellow ARTH Seniors and our profs. Graduation was a mixed-up day of rejoicing and partings. I didn't like it.

I'm getting so excited about my internship. I get butterflies in my stomach every time we receive an email from the coordinator; they remind me that I am going to be part of a community again, part of a team learning together, hopefully supporting one another, and representing a wonderful museum. I can't wait to meet the people represented by the email addresses in each email. Hopefully there will be one or two "kindred spirits" among them.

In my couple of weeks at home I hope to brush up on my art history facts, especially on non-Western art, because I think we'll be teaching about a lot of different cultures this summer. I also need to get a professional summer wardrobe at some point...Who knew I'd ever become the suit type?

13 May, 2008

Ready to Spread Wings...and Roots...

I took my last exam today (German). The professor and I have enjoyed a really lovely camaraderie over the semester; she gave me a big hug as I left. I think that made it all really begin to sink in. For four years I've had a place of my own, a niche, a community, and a collective experience of which to be a part. I've been able to learn from and form relationships with educators who have a real passion for their fields and believe in being "life-long learners." Now I've got to move on and begin all over again somewhere else. I know it's a good thing, and that similar situations have always turned out well, but it is nonetheless rather sad and daunting.

Everyone's telling us to spread our wings and vault into this big world...and most of the time I want that too. But sometimes, when it is a golden evening like this, all I really want is to put down some roots.

03 May, 2008

"You might just make it after all."

I guess I'm entering the "Mary Tyler Moore Season 1" phase of my life: Striking out on my own, entering a totally unfamiliar field of work, moving to a city, finding new friends...and of course, trying to create a different fabulous outfit for every day of the week.

Yes, soon I will be leaving the comforts of undergrad life. I remember my very first night at college - I was utterly miserable, thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life, and fell asleep hoping it was all a dream and praying that I might actually wake up in my own bed at home. I half anticipate revisiting those emotions on my last night here...Oh well. I know it's time to be moving on. Maybe I'll get to be a student again someday.

I learned yesterday that I am going to be an intern for the summer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. So, come June 9, I will be living in the City of Brotherly Love and trying to insert myself gracefully into the high-class world of the museum professional. This blog is my way of keeping up with whoever feels like following my adventures--a depository for stories, photos, links, etc., from my post-college adventures. I hope those adventures will include cultural events, outreach opportunities, friends old and new, and of course--good food! Until next time...