31 July, 2013

To Bridget, who cannot cook, but who we love

There is a short list of things in this life that hold sway over my willpower like Kryptonite.  It consists of things like Doritos, elephants, anything or anyone British, and cooking shows.  I've been watching too many cooking shows recently, leading me to buy rhubarb on an impulse, simply because I saw it in the produce section and thought, "Oh! Those Brits on UK Masterchef sure do love their rhubarb.  Obviously I should buy some."

With rhubarb sitting in the fridge awaiting a purpose, I made plans to have my friend P over for dinner last Friday.  She offered to make this summery cocktail and I brashly planned the rest of the menu.  I wanted to make something slightly spicy to play off the sweet cocktail.  I also wanted to somehow incorporate the rhubarb into dessert.  And I wanted the whole menu to be gluten- and dairy-free, since P is trying to avoid those in her diet.

My plan:
Cucumber coleslaw (substituting butter lettuce for cabbage and omitting chili flakes)
Fresh cantalope
Rhubarb compote with vanilla sorbet and toasted coconut crumble (loosely inspired by this)

Considering that my dinners are fairly cheap and simple these days, I have to admit that I was feeling incredibly inspired and creative as I set to work.  However, the results were more on par with Bridget Jones's blue soup than with a Masterchef victory.