Like my office?

I moved up to Philly on Saturday and began my internship today! It was a wonderful day and I'm so excited to go back tomorrow. I still can't quite believe that I'm a part of such a great institution; as we walked through the collections and hallways today, wearing our official badges, it was all I could do to keep my expression professional, instead of wide-eyed and grinning.
There are nearly 30 interns. I really liked those that I met - I think a few might be "kindred spirits." It's an interesting group from all over the country. I feel honored to learn with them. We spent today filling out forms, touring the building, learning security procedures, and doing "get-to-know-you" sorts of activities. Tomorrow we will do things more specific to our departments, so I'll start learning details about the Education department and what my role will be. Stay tuned!
I get a lot of perks such as discounts and free tickets thanks to my badge...something positive to think about on my painfully long commute back home! The drive to the museum was 20 minutes this morning; the bus ride back, including a transfer and a half hour wait, totaled 1 hr 5 minutes. FUN.
Other good news: I live near Manayunk, which is a quirky little neighborhood with lots of little shops and cafes and a few galleries. I look forward to exploring it. Also, I visited a church that I liked. It's called Liberti. I met a few kind people, including one girl who gave me her number and offered to give me a ride to a weeknight Bible study. I appreciated that expression of hospitality more than I can say.


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