Teaching is NEVER boring, that's for sure. Some days I have groups of up to 25, and other days no groups show up at all, for whatever reason! This morning, most of the scheduled groups didn't come so I finished writing a second lesson. It's about a beautiful ceiling from a Chinese temple; the carving is gorgeous, featuring a huge coiled dragon and clouds in the center. There is a lot of symbolism all over the room, so I think it will be fun to talk about with kids. The great thing about an education internship is that it keeps us in the galleries, looking, learning, and thinking about new ways to talk about what we see.

Sometimes kids have been here before and have already seen things we have planned to talk about. They usually spout out everything they remember ("That's by Picasso and it's called Three Musicians and he painted it about his friends and one of his friends was a monk and he died!") ...On these occasions, we interns feel rather usurped!

This summer I've been going by "Virginia"--initially this was in order to avoid the whole "Ginny/Jenny" confusion, but I've gotten used to it and really love it now. However, one day when I introduced myself to my tour group as "Miss Virginia," one of the chaperons asked me where my beauty pageant sash was. !!!!! Maybe I should go by my MIDDLE name!

I'm pretty sure that my favorite part of this museum is the Asian art wing...It's my favorite area to teach from, and my favorite to wander through when I have some free time. I learned recently that Korean art is a very young field, and there are only 3 curators of Korean art in the U.S. Maybe that's where all the jobs are ;) Speaking of jobs, no updates yet, but believe me, I'm working on it. Prayers for less anxiety on my part and positive news from any of the places I've applied would be worth gold. :)


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