Good eats in the 202

The last couple of weeks have been excellent in terms of culinary adventures. I should switch job more often...One gets treated to so many good meals! Highlights:

Quite excited about this place. They offer cask ale, which I'd never tried before. Cask ale is beer that is unpasteurized, unfiltered, not carbonated, and served at room temperature. I tried an IPA and was surprised by how sweet and smooth it was. While I tend to like beer cold and crisp, I am glad to have tried something new. Another revelation was the Mac & Cheese Sticks appetizer -- Mac & cheese breaded with garlic breadcrumbs and fried! I appreciate innovative bar food...

-Haad Thai
Spring Rolls came with a delicious sweet & sour sauce. For my entree, I enjoyed the Panang Gai, chicken in a curry peanut sauce with basil. It was really flavorful without being too heavy.

I am itching to go back to this new gastropub! We took advantage of the happy hour specials and enjoyed some great fish & chips. Later in the evening I ate Bubble & Squeak for the first time. This is a traditional British dish made from the vegetables leftover from a roast dinner. It can include potato, cabbage, peas, onions, and brussel sprouts. These are mixed with mashed potatoes and fried in a pan until brown and crispy on each side. It was a thrifty use of leftovers "back in the day"....Now it's very satisfying comfort food! I also had an incredible cocktail called "Dutch Courage." Wish I could remember which liquer was used.....However, the essential flavors were lemon and rosemary, topped with frothy egg white, and garnished with a big sprig of rosemary. Being a rosemary fanatic, I was quite delighted.

-Bibiana Osteria Enoteca
This restaurant is fairly new but seems to be doing well. Every part of my experience there was excellent - Very polished service, good recommendations from our waitress, not a very long wait, and of course, excellent food! I enjoyed the smoked potato gnocchi with brussel sprouts and pecorino. The portion size was perfect - It left me feeling very satisfied but not uncomfortably stuffed. Just "enough," which I think Europeans have a better grip on than most Americans. The gnocchi were light and fluffy and slightly smoky. The brussel sprouts were a bit crispy, which added some nice texture to the dish. For dessert my friend and I enjoyed the fresh milk gelato and the "bomba chocolate." It sounded very decadent, but was surprisingly light. I would definitely like to return to Bibiana sometime and experience a leisurely dinner, with every course. Perhaps for the next celebratory occasion. :)


Anonymous said…
well, what does the winter have you eating?

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