It is winter, work is stressful, the nights are long...and so I have a renewed enjoyment of cooking. It is so nice to come home, close the door, put my purse and any reminders of my professional self to the side, and start creating something nourishing.

I love the sense of anticipation that comes with pulling out vegetables, garlic, chicken, spices, wine...disparate things requiring different preparations, combined together at various times and temperatures...Will something coherent (and -- please, God -- delicious) actually come of this? Each time it's still a little surprising to me.

This recipe is one that has become a favorite of ours over the last few months. I must admit, we use chicken, not being huge tofu junkies. The recipe calls for peanuts to sprinkle over top, but I also love to top with shaved coconut. Best enjoyed with a good Riesling and good company.


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