Sweet Sounds Right Now

One good thing has led to another. I am mildly obsessed with The Civil Wars - so much so that I will not even attempt to express my feelings for them...It's an impossible mission. I only mention them because, through a recommendation they posted on their Facebook page one day, I discovered Ivan & Alyosha.

It was love at first...listen. Their voices meld perfectly, the harmonies are tight, and the instrumentation exudes a California cool that instantly makes me feel as though I am driving down a West Coast freeway in a convertible with nary a care in the world. But on a deeper level, their lyrics compel me and keep me coming back to listen again, to mull over the heart issues being exposed in each song. They often seem to be grappling with the angel and the demon that wrestle inside of us, crying for a Savior in one moment and grasping for independence the next.

"Living for Someone"

Now I just quit my job / and sold my fine possessions
Expecting our first child / amid the Great Recession
We care less than you, it's true / It was the spirit of the age
Ain't it funny how nothing really ever changes?
Now draw the line between / what you want and what you need
Now tell me what you see...
Could it be you were not living for yourself / but you were living for something else?

Now tune my heart and tune my strings / and see what giving thanks might bring
For all I have was always Thine / but I was fool to think it mine...
Glorify the Lord above / with your drink and making love
Glorify the Lord, my son / til your work on earth is done
Glorify the Lord above / oh, if you've plenty, if you've none
Glorify the Lord, my son / with your whiskey and your gun


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