Around Tuscany : Cortona

Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to pull a Frances: quit your job, buy a fixer-upper villa in Tuscany, write a novel about your incredibly hilarious and romantic experiences, have said novel turned into every single girl's favorite guilty pleasure movie, and retire early upon the laurels of fame and fortune.

Yeah, I see all those hands.

Well, Tuscany is beautiful and romantic, but it's also a place where real people live and time refuses to stand completely still -- as we discovered upon arrival in Cortona, where visitors are shuttled up into the "rustic" hill town via shiny new escalators.

Welcome to rustic Tuscany!
Once inside the city walls, though, I enjoyed Cortona very much.  It is small and manages to not be too commercialized.  There are independent art galleries and family-run ceramics shops, and cozy restaurants serving up things like blueberry pasta.  And the view...Well, it's entirely pacifying. 

Old space, new purpose

Blueberry pasta with beef ragu and pine nuts



Sarah said…
I raised my hand :)

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