Hi, have we met?

Coming off of what was, for me, a fairly prolific fall and winter of blogging, I had high hopes of incessantly writing various and sundry witty, winsome, and wise posts as the year continued.  But then I started teaching.  And now apparently more than a month has elapsed since I had something worth sharing with the few, the proud, the Fledgling Things Readers.  I hope you've not forgotten me in the interlude.  In case you have, though, I'm Ginny, and I like long walks on the beach...  My email correspondence has been equally anemic.  Mental energy and free time don't have the courtesy to show up at the same time.  What can I say?  Being a first year teacher has introduced me to a whole new realm of Tired that I didn't know existed.  Oh, it is most definitely rewarding, fun, interesting, etc etc etc -- but I have not worked this hard since college, and by the time I get home at night the most exertion I wish for is to pour a glass of wine for myself and my roommate and watch a sufficiently fluffy period drama.

In all seriousness, it is delightful to be putting my degree to use at last; I am teaching art and art history to middle- and high-school students (roughly ages 13 to 18, for those of you in other countries).  My not-so-secret devious scheme is to raise up a new generation of art history majors!  I am not aware of any actual converts as of yet, but they scored well on the first test so I am not completely without hope...

These are the things that have been brightening my free time, when I have it:

- Of Monsters and Men "King and Lionheart"
- Turtle brownies (Oh NO! as my friend Marianne would say)
- Pinterest (Sad, sadder, and saddest -- but true)
- PG Wodehouse
- Nothing But Bonfires


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