Baked Brie Redux

Good morning, sunshine!  You might be reading this from your couch, having just popped two Advils because you enjoyed a few too many beverages last night...Or, you're joylessly eating a bowl of something decidedly flaxen and naturally sweetened, because you're participating in America's collective goal to lose weight in 2013.  The following may be a tempting indulgence post-hangover, but it will not help you meet your health goals.  To the former group I say, "You're welcome."  To the latter, "I'm sorry..."

Recently I wrote about my experience making camembert en croute.  I wondered if placing chopped nuts on top of the wheel of cheese was the reason the pastry tore and leaked cheese while baking.  I decided to make it again -- this time, with brie -- for my family's New Year's Eve celebration.  I'd been reading various recipes and came across an idea so simple and, you would think, obvious, that I had to try it.  I did everything the same way I did last time, except that instead of spreading the jam and chopped nuts on top of the wheel of cheese, I sliced the cheese horizontally and sandwiched the filling between the two halves.  This photo shows the bottom half of the cheese wheel with the toppings, ready to have the other half placed back on top:

This approach proved much more leak-proof!  There was one tiny leak -- one of the pieces of nuts must have gone rouge -- but overall it was much more successful.  Thought I'd share that tip for any of you who may be feeling experimental in this new year.  :-)  Here's to many more good eats!


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