The gift of a loose grip

You are so many enigmas. You tell us that You will give us the desires of our hearts, and we whimper like children when we do not see the longed-for gift arriving immediately and according to our specifications. Are You chuckling quietly, wise parent that You are, as You watch us kicking against what we do not know?

You could simply snatch all of our self-made plans away from us suddenly and completely, leaving us feeling cheated and robbed. We would resent You, unwilling to believe You when You say that You only and always do what is best for us.

Instead, You condescend to slowly, patiently help us unclench our fists from the tightly-held desire. You work in and around us, reaching into corners of our hearts that we had forgotten about, causing events and conversations and moments that all whisper to us, "I have something so much better planned for you. Your eyes only see the story so far." You change the desires of our hearts to be what they ought to be. You do it so subtly that we barely notice it happening; but once our eyes are opened and our hearts are finally at peace -- their desires resting on their newfound object -- we will find that we don't mind at all.


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