a simple song

This is a song that my friend Christy Danner and I have in the works. I wrote the words, she's providing the musical genius. I wrote these words one day three years ago during a particularly troubling season; my family was trying to help an immigrant woman who was the victim of domestic abuse. She was physically, emotionally, and financially trapped by her domineering husband. Few things anger and grieve me as much as this sort of manipulation and cruelty that can exist between people. I couldn't fix anything for this woman. But I wrote down what I would've liked to have told her, and even three years later it serves as a reminder to pray for her, wherever and however she is.

Christy and I have a few others pieces in the pipeline and are hoping to do a house concert this summer. Stay tuned!
Dearheart, listen now
There is something better to hear
Dearheart, rest now
There are kinder arms somewhere
Dearheart, trust now
This love that’s been broken will be made right someday
Dearheart, speak now
Your words have weight and worth
Dearheart, leap now
Your body is free and lovely
Dearheart, sleep now
This night you’ve feared for so long will bring a saving dawn


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