In Which I Did Not Bring a Baby

Today for the first time I went to the Thursday morning Bible study held by the church I'm attending whilst here.  It's hosted by the pastor and his wife in their beautiful riverside flat.  I arrived at the same time as another woman holding a baby (1) on her hip and toting a stroller up the steps.  She rang the bell for the same flat I was headed for, so with my cunning wit I deduced that she must also be attending the Bible study!  I introduced myself and held the door for her.  We were greeted at the flat by a tiny tow-headed person (2) with an impish smile and a complete knight's costume...Adventure awaited!

Crossing the threshold I was warmly greeted and introduced to another woman and her baby (3)...Walking past the kitchen I saw a roly-poly toddler (4) eating breakfast in his highchair.  It was at about this moment that these sort of thoughts began floating through my head:

"I will probably be the youngest one here."
"Oh, no - I didn't bring a baby..."
"I will probably be the only unmarried one here."
"Where can I find a baby to bring next time?"
"They're all moms - Will they want to talk to me?!"
"Oh, no - I didn't bring a baby!"
"I wonder if she'd let me keep hold her baby?"
"I didn't bring a baby!!"
"They're SO CUTE.  Lord, give me strength..."

 As more women trickled in the Official Baby Count shot up to 7, all of them adorable and named things like Jemima and Reuben.  The Lord sends us these trials to make us stronger, I thought somberly as I fed Daniel animal crackers and raced trucks across the carpet with Benjamin.

I am thankful to report that, despite my lack of a baby, I was warmly welcomed and had a delightful time. Furthermore, I did not steal any of them.  Will I be back next week?  You betcha.


jacqueline said…
This is hilarious!! "I didn't bring a baby"... haha!

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