A Final Few Favorites (For Now)

Tomorrow, it's back to the States for a few weeks to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.  To close off this week's little series of "favorites,"  I leave you with the shortlist of favorite one-liners I've been on the receiving end of over the last four months.  Here's to being the stranger within the gates.

  • "Hello, you look like you're about to save a tiger's life!" - Charity fundraiser at Charing Cross Station
  •  "You're getting a Stella?  That's a bit of a lad's drink!" - As I was ordering drink for pub quiz.  My confidence was shaken, and we lost.
  • "What a wonderful gift your country has given us." - Meant, and taken, seriously.  Uttered by a sweet English gentleman who thoroughly enjoyed the Alison Krauss concert in November.
  • "So, Ginny - What is your direction in life?  What is your career path?" - Oh dear.
  • "I don't mean to be racist, but I didn't think American girls drink pints." - I had literally just met this woman.  A week later, I am still not sure how to respond.


Stuart Ramsay said…
Oops - I think one of those was me...

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