Home Again

The longing to be elsewhere feels at times like a house of cards in the enigmatic wind of true fellowship.  To be freely given a community that does not discard you at your worst and that steadfastly lauds the glimpses of your glory self is something I do not understand or deserve, but cling to with thanks.

It is an incontestable sign and seal of grace, this clan bound together by Another's blood, this family that is stronger than your heart when your heart condemns you.  The more acquainted I become with the infinite jet black corners of my heart, the more it humbles me to see the ones still standing near after 2, 7, 16, 24 years of this pilgrim's fitful progress.  And the greater marvel to me is the fact that, even in all their beauty, they are only dim reflections of the Love that went to hell and back so that I could know true friendship.  


Kristen said…
Beautiful as always. And so, so good to have you home.
carrie said…
absolutely love this. and love you.

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