Good things come in twos?

This week I met my friend Joy for lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Urbana, MD.  We had a delicious meal and then were brought fortune cookies.  Usually the "fortunes" I get are something like, "Your kind face refresh others," or "Peace begins with a smile."

Understandably, I approach each fortune cookie experience with decidedly low expectations.  I'm really just here for the cookie.

You will appreciate my astonishment, therefore, upon opening my cookie and finding two slips of paper, each one bearing an actual fortune:

"You will pass a difficult test that will make you happier."

"When winter comes heaven will rain success on you."

I'm quite partial to the second one, especially if "success" takes the form of all my student loan debt instantly disappearing.  I just have to hold my breath 'til Dec. 21st to find out!

In other, entirely unrelated news, here is a shameless plug.  I'm trying to get rid of quite a few books that have been taking up space in my apartment or my parents' attic.  Proceeds are going into my travel fund for a visit to my sister in Sweden.  If you or any reading buffs you know might be interested in perusing my listings at, follow this link:


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