We Just Live Life

"Good afternoon, gentlemen," I said yesterday to my group of 7th grade boys.

Various underwhelmed mumbled responses.

Attempting to boost the enthusiasm in the room, I channeled my inner hype girl and said, "It's WEDNESDAY!  We're half-way through the week!!"

Blank stares.

"Oh.  We just live life!" one of the boys responded.

I suppose there was actually a period when time neither blitzed past me, nor did it seem to drag.  I just lived life.  I woke up, ate my cereal, did my chores, did my schoolwork, and then it was TV time.  Then dad came home from work and we ate dinner.  Then my siblings and I and the other kids on the cul de sac played outside 'til it was dark.  Then maybe we took a bath, or listened to dad read a story, or watched Jeopardy while folding laundry.  Then we went to bed with not very much at all to worry us.  And the next day, pretty much the same thing happened all over again.  We just lived life.

Teaching children who have not yet grown the tumor of Urgency that plagues so many of us adults is nostalgia-inducing, refreshing, challenging...


carrie said…
I LOVE this. How I miss the days when we just lived life. Thanks for the reminder, Gin. I love you!

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