So, any bets on how far a B.A. in Art History will take me? ;o)
This is me with my fellow ARTH Seniors and our profs. Graduation was a mixed-up day of rejoicing and partings. I didn't like it.

I'm getting so excited about my internship. I get butterflies in my stomach every time we receive an email from the coordinator; they remind me that I am going to be part of a community again, part of a team learning together, hopefully supporting one another, and representing a wonderful museum. I can't wait to meet the people represented by the email addresses in each email. Hopefully there will be one or two "kindred spirits" among them.

In my couple of weeks at home I hope to brush up on my art history facts, especially on non-Western art, because I think we'll be teaching about a lot of different cultures this summer. I also need to get a professional summer wardrobe at some point...Who knew I'd ever become the suit type?


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