"You might just make it after all."

I guess I'm entering the "Mary Tyler Moore Season 1" phase of my life: Striking out on my own, entering a totally unfamiliar field of work, moving to a city, finding new friends...and of course, trying to create a different fabulous outfit for every day of the week.

Yes, soon I will be leaving the comforts of undergrad life. I remember my very first night at college - I was utterly miserable, thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life, and fell asleep hoping it was all a dream and praying that I might actually wake up in my own bed at home. I half anticipate revisiting those emotions on my last night here...Oh well. I know it's time to be moving on. Maybe I'll get to be a student again someday.

I learned yesterday that I am going to be an intern for the summer at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. So, come June 9, I will be living in the City of Brotherly Love and trying to insert myself gracefully into the high-class world of the museum professional. This blog is my way of keeping up with whoever feels like following my adventures--a depository for stories, photos, links, etc., from my post-college adventures. I hope those adventures will include cultural events, outreach opportunities, friends old and new, and of course--good food! Until next time...


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