Ready to Spread Wings...and Roots...

I took my last exam today (German). The professor and I have enjoyed a really lovely camaraderie over the semester; she gave me a big hug as I left. I think that made it all really begin to sink in. For four years I've had a place of my own, a niche, a community, and a collective experience of which to be a part. I've been able to learn from and form relationships with educators who have a real passion for their fields and believe in being "life-long learners." Now I've got to move on and begin all over again somewhere else. I know it's a good thing, and that similar situations have always turned out well, but it is nonetheless rather sad and daunting.

Everyone's telling us to spread our wings and vault into this big world...and most of the time I want that too. But sometimes, when it is a golden evening like this, all I really want is to put down some roots.


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