This is Allie.  Should you have need of any of the following services, feel free to call her:

Interpretive dance.

Graceful photo-bombing.

Feats of great daring atop perilous peaks.

Wearing awesome tights (and finding awesome Swedish friends, and being willing to share them!).

Each of these photos is a piece of the glittering mosaic that is Allie.  Artistic, buoyant, fearless, loving.  I close my eyes and remember the sparkly-eyed, rambunctious toddler with an appropriately tousled shock of "Muppet" hair that refused to be tamed, tumbling around the backyard or pedaling her bike down the hill as fast as she could.  I open them and see the same zest for life expressed in outlets more mature but no less bold (and her hair has learned to behave).  Years of gymnastics and dance have taught her how to work with the possibilities and limitations of the human body to tell a powerful story.  Those skills have carried over to her theater studies, where she has been able to bring astounding depth to roles like Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker" or Ariel in "The Tempest" despite the limitation of few or no words to speak.  She has taken leaps far from home, eager to learn about this big world, willing to be the stranger within the gates and come back a little bit changed by each place.  Camera in hand, she has brought Peru, Sweden, England, and Germany back with her.  Often as I walk around London I find myself trying to see it with Allie's eyes, wondering what little details and visual stories she would spot.  Thankfully when she visits in March I'll get to find out!

Photo credit: Matthew Hyson
You will never meet anyone like Allie.  She relentlessly hunts down all the beauty in the world, capturing the ripples of glory that are hidden in the ordinary. 


carrie said…
I love this! I get such a vibrant image of her because your writing :) Allie is so cool!

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