You wouldn't expect to run into so many confused or awkward moments when you share a language with someone else...but having had one too many red-faced, deer-in-the-headlights moments of uncertainty (the foreigner can all too suddenly find themselves unintentionally swimming in another society's innuendo or political incorrectness) I figured I should try to capture a list of some of the words and expressions I've become acquainted with here.  I would like to apologize to the people of Britain for the many times that you've just been your normal selves and I just stared back at you like this:
Carry on, I'm just an American.   


Craic/Crack - Situation, news, fun times.  "What's the craic this weekend?"  No, the speaker is probably not referring to illegal substances.

Saffer - South African.

Nesh - Describes cold weather or someone who is over-sensitive to the cold. 

"Y'alright?" - This isn't really a question, and they're not really expecting an answer.  Just fling a "Y'alright?" back at them and keep walking.  The best is when, before you've even opened your mouth to "ask," the other person just goes, "Yeah, good, yeah, thanks!"

Chuffed - Pleased, extremely delighted.

"Cor!" - Exclamation of surprise.

Yummy mummy - A young, attractive mother.  Probably has a stroller (pram) like a spaceship and wears four-inch heels to the grocery store.

Knackered - Exhausted, worn out.

Bits and bobs - Miscellaneous items, this and that.  

Daft - Silly, foolish.

"Ta!" - "Thanks!"  This one annoys me.  That's all.


Ahh! I HATE “ta”...I don’t know why....

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