Chip & Ellen
I have at times felt sorry for Chip because he was sandwiched between a bunch of bossy sisters - two older, one younger.  And he has to deal with a lifetime of "Yes, my real name is Dwight."  But then I remember that he won the Perfect Eyebrow Lottery, and I don't feel so bad.

But honestly, bless his heart.  Somehow he survived the tyranny of three maniacal girls obsessed with paper dolls, putting on princess plays in the basement, and watching "The Nutcracker" over and over and over again.  He defended himself with a posse of plastic dinosaurs, a Swiss Army knife, and -- in teen years -- loud rock music and Mountain Dew (ew!).  To be fair, he was a great sport and learned to sneak some masculinity into our adventures; "The Nutcracker" received a running "Mystery Science Theater 3000"-esque commentary, and basement plays were a lot more thrilling when you threw an inflatable giant Godzilla into the mix.  I'm glad he didn't follow through on his threat to run away at age four, because a few years later he and I worked out a pretty terrific comedy act on roller skates.

Charlie Brown got his Little Red-Haired Girl
Now we are grown, and we can have real conversations over a quality beer.  I come away from each conversation swelling with pride and admiration for the man my little brother has become.  One thing I love and respect about him is the way he carefully approaches big decisions, new ideas, or personal beliefs.  He has a heart that is willing to be taught, but that stands firm once it's come to a conviction.  Chip does the work of research, honest conversations, prayer, and seeking counsel -- efforts that sometimes last for months -- in a relentless pursuit of the right and true.  I don't think this kind of patience and integrity are at all common.  He and his wife Ellen have a wisdom beyond their years, perhaps largely because they have invested so much energy and care into making decisions that will strengthen their relationship and honor the Lord.  (Sidenote: Chip and Ellen are also, like, an impossibly gorgeous couple.  See above photo.)  You're a good man, Charlie Brown!


Julie said…
I love LOVE this series you are doing about your siblings! I can't wait to hear about each of them :) Thank you for keeping me entertained while at work ;)
Ginny said…
Aw, thanks Julie! I'm happy to entertain :-) Thank YOU for reading!

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