A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Good things today:
  • The British Museum, a warehouse of reminders that people we consider "primitive" were generating artistic excellence long before Christ was born.
  • The beautiful old art supply shop, est. 1855 and still going strong; wooden floors creaking with age under every footstep, hundreds of mahogany drawers full of fine pencils and whispering possibilities.
  • The little girl who skipped along to the busker's music while everyone else blitzed past in a hurry for nothing.
  • The Big Issue seller who hit the crosswalk button for an approaching couple burdened with luggage.  I don't think they noticed.  
  • The scent of someone's Ralph Lauren Polo aftershave on the Tube. 
  • Well-made boots that have served me well over six months of walking all over London, and seem likely to hold out for a few more weeks.
  • Good music to hear
  • Good food to eat
  • Having dear people in my life to send postcards to.
  • Having friends to meet at the pub.
  • Having friends to just relax at home with a crochet project and another episode of "Friends."
  • The London Underground.  It has its faults, but it really is pretty darn marvelous when you think about it. 
  • Birthday flowers, still radiant three days later.
  • A Turner sunset over Canary Wharf.
The good things, they're just everywhere for the counting. 


Love this list of beautiful things in your neighbourhood. When you come out of the British Museum and turn right, proceeding down towards Trafalgar Square, off to the left is a little row of commercial establishments. One is a lovely old Indian restaurant called, The Punjab. If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it.

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