Let Me Count the Ways...

You've got to love a country that:

1.  Sells "congratulations on passing your drivers test!" greeting cards.
2.  Prints Braille onto medicine containers so that those with impaired vision can shop with a little more  independence and confidence.
3.  Sells tomato paste in a tube.  This sounds silly, but in the States I only ever see it in cans, which is annoying if you just need a tablespoon of it for a recipe.
4.  Writes "LOOK RIGHT"on the road at crosswalks.  This has saved my life so many times...
5.  Produced this and this and this.
6.  "Beer ticks."
7.  Loves veggies SO.DARN.MUCH!


Johanna said…
Tomato paste in a tube is BRILLIANT!

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