28 February, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways...

You've got to love a country that:

1.  Sells "congratulations on passing your drivers test!" greeting cards.
2.  Prints Braille onto medicine containers so that those with impaired vision can shop with a little more  independence and confidence.
3.  Sells tomato paste in a tube.  This sounds silly, but in the States I only ever see it in cans, which is annoying if you just need a tablespoon of it for a recipe.
4.  Writes "LOOK RIGHT"on the road at crosswalks.  This has saved my life so many times...
5.  Produced this and this and this.
6.  "Beer ticks."
7.  Loves veggies SO.DARN.MUCH!

1 comment:

Johanna said...

Tomato paste in a tube is BRILLIANT!